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October 17 2016

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October 06 2016



I don’t get why people hate immigrants so much… Like they’re literally just… People… From another location….

My partner is an immigrant from the UK and still holds his citizenship. At a recent event, an acquaintance talked about how many “immigrants” get jobs over “Canadians” and they shouldn’t allowed to be management (which my partner is). My partner reaches across the table and goes “Hi, immigrant here!” and she goes “Oh I didn’t mean immigrants like you…” And you can so tell they just mean “brown people” or “Asian people” but they pretend it’s about jobs and shit.

September 29 2016


no offense but im sick of a school system that constantly preaches “dont be afraid to fail!!!” and then creates an atomsphere where grades are so excessively important and youre anxious if you get anything less than an A

Warning: I DO use dude, man, bruh, and bro as completely gender neutral terms, HOWEVER if I call you one of the above and it bothers you, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me.


This has been a PSA 







i’m honestly in awe of how my parents still think i’m straight like heteronormativity is a hell of a blinder

me, watching the olympics: “wow laurie hernandez is so cute”

my mom: “isn’t she just adorable?”

no mom that’s not what i meant

me: [only refers to potential partners as “any future significant others”/“my future spouse”]

parents: haha i’m sure you’ll find a great husband one day

me: [paints the bi pride flag on my nails]

my parents: oh brooke i like that color scheme! did you do that yourself?

it’s like a sitcom

i would watch the hell out of a sitcom about a hella gay or bi chick with parents who can’t tell. she’s not hiding it at all and they just can’t tell

September 27 2016

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Mama and Papa Grey Teals with the kids (Anas gracilis)

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Eurasian Coot (Fulica atra)

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Red-rumped Parrot (Psephotus haematonotus)

September 26 2016

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we’re fucked.

my friend and coworker alp put it better than i ever could after this photo went viral on twitter:

September 22 2016



The thing I hate about coming out is the way society expects it to go down.

When gay people come out, more often than not they are expected to almost have to beg for their families love, and if they receive it without having to, they are expected to be over the moon and rejoice and be thankful and think, “what loving family and friends I have”.

The way coming out should go down is the exact opposite. 

Families and friends should almost have to beg for your love, and should most definitely be apologetic for the homophobic shit they most likely put you through whilst you were still in the closet. They should be like, “I’m sorry I was a bigoted prick all these years, I hope you can still love me and forgive me”.

The thing that bothered me the most when I came out was that my families reaction was just, “of course we have no problem, we love you no matter what”… when what I really wanted was an apology. An apology for having been ignored for years, an apology for having to sit though homophobia not only by them, but by my extended family and their friends. But what I got was, “of course it’s not a problem, now lets not talk about it again and lets not bring up all the horrible shit that we said to you openly or allowed to be said about gay people openly because we don’t want to feel bad”.

It bothers me so much to this day how much society loves to praise straight people for being so accepting of gay people but no one ever praises gay people for accepting and loving their families through the years despite all the homophobia.

Society sees us coming out as something WE are DOING to our family. If our parents act homophobic towards us, it’s a normal process of acceptance. If we confront our parents for homophobia, we are ungrateful and rude and should give our parents and family members time to “deal” with this “shock”.

Why do straight people get empathy when WE come out? Why don’t WE get empathy for the way they treat us when we come out?

As a gay person, you get treated like you have intentionally harmed your family members when you come out, and society will empathise with how difficult it is to have a gay daughter/son. Not how difficult it is to exist in an extremely homophobic world as a gay person.

September 21 2016

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Clear as day. #VoteBlue

at this point hillary clinton is literally the most transparent candidate to ever run for president. 

indisputable facts

September 20 2016

September 13 2016

September 06 2016


Lookin at the rich kids who studied abroad last year and became all stylish and “cultured” I guess while I was just contemplating suicide and getting wasted get served preps.

August 31 2016

August 29 2016

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k so i made this new russian friend at school this week and we were talking about memes, you know, as one does, and she was telling me about this underground russian meme where its pics of fish reading and saying shit like “i cant do this” and i thought it was the funniest fucking thing ive ever seen in my life so here u go. in order, theyre saying “help”, “disaster”, “pretty difficult”, and “it’s hard for me”

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